Preventative Maintenance and Repair Service

Gym Equipment Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services

Who’s looking after your equipment’s health?


All gym equipment has a shelf life and that time gets shorter if fitness equipment needs are not met regularly. Whether you’ve got 1 piece or you maintain a full gym for your family or clients your gym needs regular fitness equipment preventative maintenance services to stay as fit as it’s users.   With seventeen years in the fitness equipment industry we’re experts in insuring your equipment stays at it’s best.  We work with authorized service providers so that your warranties are maintained and we get the best rates on parts should repairs be needed.  We’ll professionally test, clean and lubricate your equipment.  We will keep your strength and cardio equipment operational and extend its life with a regular maintenance plan that suits your needs and budget.  We offer monthly, quarterly and per visit quotes for your fitness equipment preventative maintenance services.

Typical services include:

  • equipment cleaning (internal and external)
  • Lubing or waxing treadmill belts
  • replacing damaged cables
  • cleaning and lubing guide rods
  • functionality and diagnostic testing
  • tracking usage on cardio equipment (where available)
  • treadmill calibration
  • reporting inventory as needed
  • ordering and installing replacement parts and accessories

and more


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